Are You Ready to Hatch

A Life Worth Loving?

What’s in Hatch-ette?

I hope to challenge you to utilize the keys I honed over a lifetime to improve my life beyond anything I could have expected. 

I started with very few resources, including no Internet, no cellphone, no funding, and no friends. (You’re already ahead of the game if you have any of these at your disposal.)

In Hatch-ette, I share some quick tips, easy-to-do exercises, and a few stories to start you on a journey to "hatch a life worth loving." 

 I feel certain that even if you only utilize some of the methods I’ve used, the basics of which you'll find in Hatch-ette, you’ll learn some amazing things about why you’re so important and how you can make the most of that. 

If you begin to follow the trail of footprints I’ve left from my shattered shell, I feel assured you will find your life path to be as amazing as mine continues to be.

To Begin the Hatch Process:

• Awaken your soul’s purpose by listening to your heart’s voice

• Find confidence in your next forward step by hearing your body speak

• See messages of guidance everywhere by learning where to look

• Uncover your future in your past by examining your ancestral heritage

• (And more. . .)

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