The reality for achieving lifelong success to a healthy weight, is changing behaviours, eating properly and exercising.

Your success happens over three, two-week phases of the plan:

  • Reset: Change your hunger patterns, eliminate unhealthy food addictions, and lose weight and inches by following the Yes & No Lists of foods.
  • Reintroduce: Maintain better hunger patterns, learn how to reintroduce foods from the No List in moderation, and continue to lose weight and inches.
  • Real Life: Learn how to enjoy your favorite foods and continue to lose weight in real-life situations, such as holidays, vacations, and parties, so that you never feel deprived!

If you would like to continue losing weight after the initial six weeks, keep following the Real Life phase. If you notice your weight loss slowing, then you simply jump-start your weight loss by repeating the six-week program! And of course moving your body every day.

You’ll have the knowledge, tools, recommended foods, products, and community to support you
. You’ll have confidence knowing you can make the right choices for your body while watching the pounds melt away.

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Donna Stewart
Live Well, Love Well, Lead Well