You don't need to meditate to experience 

the benefits of mindfulness. 

You can experience peace and presence in under 5 minutes

by following the prompts in this journal.

And the best part is they can be done anytime, anywhere.

No need to shut yourself up alone in a room, close your eyes, or focus on your breath.

Here's the thing...

Traditional practices such as breath-focused meditation, body scans and loving-kindness practices are the foundation of mindfulness.

I have practiced traditional mindfulness for nearly a decade now. But these practices take at least 20 minutes, sometimes longer. And are meant to be done in a structured way.

Which makes it easy for us to stop doing them when we need them the most. (This happens to me oftener than I'd like to admit as a busy mum to a 4 year old!)

That's why I created this journal. 

The Daily Mindful Moments Journal will help you return to the present moment. Over and Over.

It features 5 different prompts for under 5 minutes of mindfulness so that a lack of time is never the reason you can't access calm and peace. 

They are specifically designed to be done anytime and anywhere so that you can integrate mindfulness into

your daily life.

The prompts are based on the four traditional mindfulness practices but I have given each of them a unique

twist and none of them are breath-focused. 

Which means that even if you to struggle to focus on the breath because of anxiety or asthma, or pain due

to chronic illness, or when you are activated in some way, this journal will still help you to access mindfulness. 

There's space for reflection and journaling after your mindful moments, although it's totally optional.

And I've also added a very unique, and hopefully fun way to track your mindful moments.