I love the archive room of the museum. Every time I step foot inside, I can almost sense the magic radiating from those ancient artifacts. Like I hold the world's answers and anything could happen.

So, when my boss asks me to work in there for a week, I should be over the moon, right?
Except there's a big dark cloud raining on my parade: Mason Scott. A fine specimen for sure, but his good looks match the level of irritation I feel for him.

Being stuck in that small space together, sharing the same oxygen and having to talk to each other seems dreadful, and frankly, I don’t think I'll even survive.
Mason is so infuriating that laying eyes on him is enough to make my skin prickle and my heart race.

But when a cyber-attack traps us in the dark basement, conversation flows easily and there's no trace of the cocky conservator who chases skirts as much as historical treasures.
Instead, I meet a fellow history nerd with an unexpected sweet, caring side, and I realize I was right.

This room does hold great powers, after all.

What to expect in this sweet short story:

- New Orleans setting and French references
- Enemies to lovers
- Workplace Romance
- Cinnamon roll hero
- Stuck together
- Century old love letters

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