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Looking for regular meet-ups with fellow eco-minded founders? You’re in the right place! We host three virtual events a month – networking, digital clean-up and co-working – so we can all connect, empower and support each other to build sustainable businesses that we love. The vibe is relaxed but the impact is big! So grab your coffee, come as you are, and let’s hang out.

Hopefully see you at the next one!

The events are – and always will be – free.

Upcoming Events

February 14th
11am - 12pm

Take a break from your work day and come hang out with us! Connect with some like-minded peeps, get advice on anything you're struggling with, or just come to chat.

February 21st
11am - 12:00pm

Clean up your digital spaces and reduce your clutter! We'll share tips to get you started and then get to cleaning.

February 28th
10am - 2pm

Drop in when you can! Hang out with us and get things done. We use the Pomodoro method to stay productive.

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Hi! We’re Davey & Daphnah, the Eco Helper- supporting ecopreneurs with general admin, content creation & management, and system tech services to help them grow their business and maximize their impact on the planet and its people. Feel free to get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

Hello! I’m Amy, the woman behind Blue Raspberry. I provide sustainable branding and green web design services. If you ever want to chat about anything eco or have any questions, my inbox and DMs are always open. Looking forward to seeing you at the next event!

Hey! I’m Estelle, an SEO website copywriter and strategist for brands who care for the ocean. I’m also an aspiring freediver, yogi, cold water lover and greyhound owner. Based in Sydney, I host the AUS/NZ/Asia-friendly events for the Ecopreneur Community. I can’t wait to meet you!

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