Join now and create amazing Halloween designs!

G R E A T   O F F E R !

PRETTY SCARY online class! 

In this amazing online class you will learn all about Monique Lily's Pretty Scary designs. Which are perfect for Halloween! 

Take the range of designs you offer to the next level! You will learn new skills to create awesome Pretty yet Scary designs that can easily be transformed to PRETTY SCARY as well. 

You will learn to create beautiful free flowing designs that are great to use all year, for any occasion, every age and everyone! 

Little girls and women will love these, because you only use a part of the face and of course it can be used for boys and men too! 

Are you ready to make this Halloween a beautiful event and combine Pretty and Scary in a new way?

Come and join me in this Unique Pretty Scary face paint class,  all Monique Lily style,

with lots of free flowing lines, popping colors, use of different makeup materials and always beautiful and scary designs. Every design can easily be transformed into really scary or more soft for the little ones, it is all up to you. Pretty great right?

The class will be availible to you in an online learing platform where you can watch and learn whenever you like! 

And ask questions and meet fellow students in a prive Facebook Group!

This is what you get:

This class is equal to a full day live class with the value of 150. The online price is 87 

You now pay: 


when you book before October, 10th! 

You can start right away and it will be available for 3 months! 

* prize in Euro's ex taxes 

- In this online class Monique Lily will show you different designs and the way they are created from start to finish, so you can mixed them up and play with them and create so your own.

- You  will learn all about colors, blending, lines, placement and flow on the face and the different materials you can use.  

- Big advantages for online classes:

  • Start and watch when you want
  • Class can be downloaded 
  • You will be able to practice along with me, pause and look closely. 
  • Rewatch it over and over again in your own pace and time in the comfort of your home.

- There will also be a private Facebook Group you can join and share your work and ask Monique questions as well. 

Now with an extra bonus, 

LIVE zoom Pretty Scary Jam and Q&A! 

Save the date: October 8th!

Some examples.. PRETTY SCARY FACES are for everyone and every occasion, always! 


Also great with beauty makeup on the other side and you can add glitter and gems!  


a perfect mix of the right  colors and materials



Full face but still beautiful or scary? 

YOUR choIce! 


for the little ones.

perfect for the little ones. 


super Halloween.


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