A free, 8-week, email introduction to Self-With-Others:

A guide to living and thriving in an interconnected world.

I'm inviting you on a journey

Like all good journeys, it’ll take a little while to get where we’re going, but it’ll be worth it.

It’s a journey from living as An Isolated Self, to experiencing the world as An Interconnected Self.

From birth we’re taught to be individuals. That’s fine! We are, each of us, unique and magnificent We possess skills, ideas and abilities no-one in the world can match.

I celebrate your individuality and encourage you, unapologetically, to be who you are, and to share your gifts with the world.

Being an Individual is not the whole story though.

We're also interconnected.

We're a social species. We grow and thrive through connection with other people, and the world around us.

Individuality thrives within connectedness.

Competition thrives within collaboration.

This is the natural way.

Trees compete for light, but cooperate beneath the ground.

Birds squabble for food yet flock together for protection.

A river and a beaver support each other.

Self-With-Others invites you to align with the natural order, to reconnect to yourself, each other and the world, without giving up the spark that makes you, you.

I invite you to explore Self-With-Others.

Who is Self-With-Others for?

I asked a trial group of people from round the world 'who might benefit from, and enjoy, learning about Self-With-Others?'.

Here's some of their responses:

'...well-being platforms or corporations, are increasingly focused on such topics'

'this is a really great reminder to people about how we are connected'

'the niche for this could be people who are willing to follow the journey of self-exploration'

'Educators (from early years to higher education), kids, students, coaches, mentors, psychologists, therapists in general, artists, athletes, parents, parenting communities (educating parents).'

'Who for?? EVERYONE! even teenagers, schools, teachers!'


'parents/caregivers/teachers to enhance students' development; practitioners who engage in somatics/embodiment practices/well-being; someone running a retreat (well-being/self-development); coaches/therapists/mentors; offered as a process for artist's development (see Julia Cameron); self-development tool'

Sign up and discover Self-With-Others for free. 

What are you signing up for?

When you join this free programme, you’ll receive two emails a week for the next 8 weeks.

Each email is around 500 words long and takes about 5 minutes to read. If you prefer, you can listen as I’ve recorded them all.

Each email will introduce an aspect of Self-With-Others. These include; ways of calming the mind; understanding how the brain works; how to become more present; understanding learning and change; how to to develop confidence; establishing healthy boundaries; and much more.

As the weeks pass, these fragments will interconnect to create a comprehensive, profound way of being and operating in the world.

We’ll move from struggle to flow.

We’ll move from overwhelm to clarity.

We’ll move from fear to bravery.

We’ll move from self-doubt to confidence.

We’ll move from competition and disconnection, towards thriving through cooperation and connection.

Self-With-Others opens doors to fresh ways of living. On the other side of that door what will you find? An authentic, aligned and happier version of you!

Why emails?

Why not send you a free e-book?

This is a journey.

The destination matters.

So does how you get there.

If I send you an ebook you’ll get a whole lot of information, all at the same time. If you read it in one go, it’ll just be another lump of informational overload (of which there’s far too much these days).

Self-With-Others works best when the learning is sedimentary. You receive an email of insight. You have a few days to absorb and reflect on that insight. Some thinking will be conscious. Some will happen at a much deeper level.

Then you receive another email layering new perspectives on top of the first.

Gradually, over the weeks, the small, digestible chunks of information, each layered on top of the ones before, merge and form deep-knowledge and life-changing wisdom.

My hope is that each email, long enough to be worth carving out time for, short enough not to disrupt the flow of your day, will be something you want to dedicate a small space in your life to absorb and consider.

This is how deep and transformational learning happens.

If you do, thirty years of training, guiding and coaching people tells me you’ll be changed.

Changed to what?

I can’t answer that. You’ll be changed to a deeper, more aligned, more authentic version of you.

I don’t know what that will look like.

We’re all different.

We're Interconnected.

We’re Individual.

Not either/or, both.

Not competing or collaborating, both.

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I hope you won’t though.

I hope you will find that your appreciation of being alive, your ease of living, your effectiveness and confidence are all enriched by a journey towards personal growth and interconnection guided by Self-With-Others.