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If you're wasting time on Twitter, at least waste it to build your Twitter audience!

What is tw500?

tw500 is a sequence of emails you'll get in your inbox. You can't be late to subscribe, whenever you sign up, you'll start from the mail number one. 

Every issue of tw500 you get will be about specific topic I find important and it will also include a task for you. Yes, a task! Relax, you are not required to do it. However, you'll have some actionable tips that you can start applying right away to your Twitter account. 

Who is it for?

You'll find tw500 useful if

• you have less than 100 followers

• you often "tweet into void"

• your Followers are not growing

• you have things to share with the world

Keep in mind that tw500, like any other Twitter growth info product, won't grow your number magically. You still have to do your part. I'll only help you steer the weel. 


Already have more than 500 followers but still interested? No problem, hop in!

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